Nestech DSS NFC smart keyless lock with APP NFC/RFID Module OEM and ODMNFC smart lock APP Unmanned Hotel SystemSmart hospitality system
Nestech DSS NFC smart keyless lock with APP
NFC smart lock APP
Unmanned Hotel System
Smart hospitality system

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Access control APP OEM/ODM

NFC keyless smart lock

Features:   1. APP remote Management by generating access code via APP instead of keypad  setting. 2. Still works without the Internet. 3. Replaceable with cylindrical locks. 4. Easy installation with only a Phillips screwdriver. 5. Vkey APP for the guest virtual key in effort to save time of

NFC smart lock_Host APP Android

Easy to install and set up using DSS APP. Quick set up using inductive smart cards. Time-schedule set up Service code function up to 3 times access. NFC card launching function via APP for airbnb manager, office, school, or small hotel (Android only). AES 128 bit encryption system. Low power c

About Us

Nestech is an ICT integration company in access control and related product and services in order to build up part of smart city and the future!
We use Fog Computing/Edge computing along with Artificial Intelligence to keep it simple and fast no matter applying in smart city or any occasion needs automation.
We are dedicated ourselves in keeping life in simple.

Nestech is specialized in developing system for keyless door locks, access control, IP camara, and any other IOT, etc.. Moreover, we have a strong team in APP for iOS/android.
Cellbedell is our own brand known as smart access control and front desk system APP